Tomerdingen (Germany) - For immediate release - December 20, 2002

Boin GmbH, a software manufacturer for the semiconductor industry, is demonstrating it's commitment to social issues and promoting public-benefit projects. The company has made several donations to children's education projects. The donations were made to both worldwide and local projects.

One local project supported in the city of Ulm in Southern Germany called "Inselzwerge" starts to educate children verly early and to support competent social behavior at an age starting at 18 months. An example for a donation to an international project is UNICEF. It has been choosen because the guiding principle of UNICEF's education strategy is to target those who are most likely to be excluded or marginalized from education. UNICEF has received donations from Boin GmbH since 1998.

The donations were made available because of better than expected business conditions in 2002. Dr. Manuela Boin, co-founder and General Manager of Boin GmbH said: "Allthough overall semiconductor business is still in a downturn mode we were able to be profitable throughout 2002. We have decided to make these donations because we believe children's education should be a number one priority".

In addition, the company has decided to donate 1% of its whole revenue in 2003 to fund children's education projects at UNICEF. The program will start on January 1, 2003 and end on December 31, 2003. Any order for WAFERMAP or WAFERMAP-View.OCX licences, upgrades or other services received during this time period will take part in the program.

If you want to support UNICEF directly please visit: www.unicef.com.

To visit the company's website go to www.boin-gmbh.com.


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