Tomerdingen (Germany) - For immediate release - October 23, 1999

In developing a product that is truly making a difference in semiconductor manufacturing, Boin GmbH received the prestigious Editors’ Choice Best Product Award, presented annually by Semiconductor International magazine, for its metrology software WAFERMAP for Win95/ NT. Semiconductor International announced 20 winners whose products are making a difference in semiconductor manufacturing.

WAFERMAP, which runs under Windows 95 and NT4.0, is used for off-line metrology data analysis and visualization. It allows for importing of data files from metrology equipment such as ellipsometers and four point probes as well as many other metrology tools used throughout the semiconductor industry. Data can be visualized and printed as 1D, 2D (contour) or 3D plots or as histograms.

“Collecting a group of candidates from which we select the 20 winners is a year-round effort” noted Semiconductor International Associate Editor John Baliga. “The Editors’ Choice Best Products program differs from traditional magazine award competitions in that products are nominated by users, not by people who make or sell them. We get input from multiple users for each product to verify that each has successfully shown superior performance in semiconductor manufacturing.”

Semiconductor International, published by Cahners Business Information and a part of Reed Elsevier's global array of technical publications, is the leading technical publication reaching and covering the global semiconductor industry. SI boasts the industry's largest and most experienced full-time technical editorial team, and has the largest circulation to semicondcutor manufactuerers of any industry publication. Additional information about SI and it's many products and activities are available at www.semiconductor.net.

Founded in August 1998, Boin GmbH develops software solutions for the semiconductor industry and provides service such as development of complex mathematical algorithms. Boin GmbH´s focus is to develop advanced metrology software for the semiconductor industry. The company has already established relationships to clients such as STEAG RTP Systems, KLA-Tencor, Siemens, Philips, Wacker Siltronic, Varian, Sopra, Fraunhofer and others.

A free Evaluation Copy of WAFERMAP can be downloaded at Download.


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