Tomerdingen (Germany) - For immediate release - May 26, 1999

Boin GmbH, located in Tomerdingen, Germany, has released version 1.2 of its’ metrology software WAFERMAP. The new version allows for advanced control of the software by using DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) linking from other applications. It was developed to satisfy the needs of semiconductor and disk drive OEM customers, such as manufacturers of thin film metrology equipment.

WAFERMAP, which runs under Windows 95 and NT4.0, is used for metrology data analysis and visualization. It allows for importing of data files from metrology equipment such as ellipsometers and four point probes as well as other metrology tools used throughout the semiconductor industry. Data can be visualized and printed as 1D, 2D (contour) or 3D plots or as histograms.

The company presented their products for the first time during the Semicon Europa industry exhibition held in Munich in mid April. Dr. Manuela Boin, co-founder and General Manager, said: "There was very strong interest in our software products especially from metrology equipment manufacturers. Soon after the exhibition, we decided to focus on the OEM business for WAFERMAP." She added: "We are currently discussing OEM licensing agreements with a number of metrology equipment manufacturers in the US and Europe. Our goal is to set the standard for visualization of metrology data within the industry."

The company has also started development of an OEM ActiveX control software development kit for the different types of visualization plots implemented in WAFERMAP. This product will be introduced at Semicon West in July. In addition, customization of the standard WAFERMAP software is also offered as an option for OEM customers.

A free Evaluation Copy of WAFERMAP can be downloaded at Download.


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