Tomerdingen (Germany) - For immediate release - June 27, 1998

Boin GmbH (i.G.) and STEAG AST Elektronik GmbH presented a joint paper at the European MRS Spring Meeting on June 16, 1998 in Strasbourg, France. The paper entitled "New Methods of Metrology Data Analysis During Semiconductor Processing and Application to Rapid Thermal Processing" was presented in symposium I "Rapid Thermal Processing".

The paper explains a new method using a special mathematical algorithm to separate preprocess and process uniformity on semiconductor wafers. An example is shown for application of the method to sheet resistance mappings after As implanted wafers have been annealed during Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP). Using only two wafers, processed under identical conditions, but with different alignment angle in either the implanter or the RTP tool it is possible to separate the uniformity of the implanter and the RTP system using a solver based on the special algorithm.

Experimental results are shown and verified using an additional wafer processed at another alignment angle (90,152, 180 deg. have been used). The method will allow for advanced implant monitoring, while it is not necessary to optimize the RTP system regarding temperature uniformity.

Boin GmbH (i.G.), formerly known as Manuela Boin Scientific Software, is a start-up company based in Tomerdingen, Germany. It develops and sells metrology software for the semiconductor industry such as WAFERMAP.

STEAG AST Elektronik GmbH is a leading supplier of advanced RTP systems for over ten years with an installed base of over 400 RTP systems worldwide.


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