• Advanced xml-based Boin multi-column multi-panel file format
  • Loading of multiple columns and panels at once
  • Configurable 1D- (line scan), 2D- (contour or colored), 3D- (solid or wire frame), 3D bar chart-, value-, and sigma range plots
  • Multicolor contour plot
  • Statistical analysis (histogram, calculation of mean, standard deviation, max, min, etc.)
  • Import functions for data from different metrology tools (AIT CMT 5000, E+H, Filmetrics, GP-Solar, OMT)
  • Import of data from metrology tools that directly write the PANELMAP file format (E+H, ISIS Optronics)
  • Other import functions (e.g. ASCII files)
  • Export of *.jpg and *.bmp files
  • Export into *.html file format
  • Definition of any site pattern using a graphic editor
  • Automatic generation of Cartesian or circular site patterns
  • Extensive on-line help and HTML based user manual
  • Trend charts
  • Trend lists
  • X-Y-plots of statistical values
  • Global statistics ("All points, all panels")
  • Browser
  • Trend charts and lists can be sorted by any criterion (date & time, mean, max, min, std. dev. etc.)
  • Stacked maps
  • Operations with files
  • Direct import of measurement files into the SPC tool
  • Global operations (add, subtract, divide, square, square root, etc.)
  • 1st and 2nd derivative of a map
  • File compare operations (add, multiply, ratio, average, etc.)
  • File operations are applicable to files with different site distributions
  • Shift (X and Y direction) and rotation of grids
  • Mirroring of maps along the X and Y axis
  • Multiple files can be open simultaneously
  • Multiple views of a single file can be selected and displayed simultaneously
  • Multiple views can be printed on a single sheet, printouts are configurable including company logo
  • Transformation of grids (Cartesian, circular) keeping same measurement feature
  • Merge data of different files (e.g. two measurements of one panel)
  • Sigma Sorting Filter (1, 2, 3 sigma)
  • Interpolation of sites
Communication / Linking
  • Inter-application communication via DCOM (ActiveX server)
  • Advanced control of PANELMAP can be achieved via DDE linking to another application (availability depending on OS)