Logo Eichhorn und Hausmann Eichhorn & Hausmann - manufactures a wide range of measurement and handling systems for semiconductor wafers. They are all based on E + H's own special contactless capacitive sensor technology. Measurement applications include wafer thickness, geometry, resistivity and stress.
Logo Filmetrics Filmetrics - is the industry leader in delivering affordable and easy-to-use thin-film instruments for measuring film thickness (30 Å to 450 μm), index of refraction, and film deposition rates. Systems available from UV to Visible to NIR wavelengths. Configurations available for tabletop, in-situ, and in-line applications. Filmetrics introduces affordability and ease-of-use to the semiconductor market. From robust, ultra-fast patterned wafer measurements to automated thickness mapping of unpatterned wafers for films up to 450 μm thick, Filmetrics delivers solutions for tabletop, integrated metrology, and fully automated cassette-to-cassette applications.
Logo Foothill Instruments Foothill Instruments - manufactures film thickness metrology systems. The KT-22 table-top tool has been enhanced to measure the thickness of very thick films. Sample applications include advanced packaging, MEMS, and data storage.
Logo Jordan Valley Jordan Valley - with more than a quarter-century of advanced x-ray experience, Jordan Valley Semiconductors sets the standard in metrology solutions that deliver the accuracy, precision, and reliability required by high-volume fabs. Jordan Valley offers a comprehensive family of solutions based on advanced XRR and XRF technology. These tools are fully automated, production ready, and ideal for both blanket and patterned wafers. Jordan Valley's high-speed, non-destructive x-ray technology enables accurate and precise characterization of all film types including single layers and multilayer stacks, high k and low k materials, metals and dielectrics, amorphous, poly-crystal and single-crystal films. The powerful advantages delivered by the JVX™ system are backed by legendary reliability and support. No wonder Jordan Valley is the metrology solution approved by five of the world's top ten semiconductor manufacturers.
Logo LayTec LayTec - is specialized on optical real-time process sensors for compound semiconductor epitaxy. These process sensors are capable of measuring growth rates, material composition, doping levels, and layer thickness both in MOCVD and MBE. A new product, the LayTec-MapR, measures the uniformity of film thickness, composition, doping level and roughness on wafers sized up to 300mm and communicates directly with Boin's WAFERMAP software.
Logo SigmaTech SigmaTech - is a leading supplier of gauging equipment for the worldwide semiconductor industry. The 9600 series of products are the first thickness measurement tools to utilize our patented APBP (Auto Positioning Backpressure Probe) technology.
Logo SOPRA SOPRA - SOPRA's ability to design and manufacture high quality metrology tools and analytical equipment with integrated mechanics, optics, electronics and software has become one of the company's key assets.
Logo Tepla Tepla - is a manufacturer of laser-based metrology tools for the semiconductor industry.
Logo Thermo Thermo - is a major supplier of portable and desktop analytical instrumentation and solutions to companies implementing compliance programs for their businesses.
Logo Zeiss Zeiss - offers a wide spectrum of high-quality products in the fields of optics, electronics and precision engineering.
Logo Blog Boin Blog - offers additional information and FAQs on WAFERMAP and PANELMAP.