Version 3.73

Release date: May 2, 2023

  • Fix in SPC ASCII import
  • Fix in SPC Browser redraw
Version 3.72

Release date: Apr 7, 2023

  • Update of import of Filmetrics files
Version 3.71

Release date: Jan 9, 2023

  • Update of Users Guide
Version 3.70

Release date: Jan 3, 2023

  • Update of 3D Bar Plot - Plot Options dialogue box
Version 3.66

Release date: Jun 6, 2022

  • Update of 2D Plot handling
Version 3.65

Release date: May 12, 2021

  • Update of Rigaku 310Fab Import filter for WAFERMAP
  • "Set Default" button for General Lot Options implemented
Version 3.61

Release date: Feb 11, 2021

  • Implementation of Rigaku 310Fab Import filter for WAFERMAP
  • Fixing of a problem with General Plot Options and new Win 10 releases
Version 3.60

Release date: Feb 15, 2019

  • Implementation SpectraFilm F1 Import filter for WAFERMAP
  • Implementation of ASCII Import Options as additional General Import Options
  • Update of ActiveX interface
Version 3.57

Release date: Jun 16, 2015

  • Update of default file name extension in Save if *.map files are loaded in WAFERMAP
Version 3.55

Release date: Jan 25, 2015

  • Implementation of Sentec 800 File format for WAFERMAP
Version 3.54

Release date: Sept 21, 2014

  • Update of file name extension in Save for WAFERMAP DDE connection
Version 3.53

Release date: Jul 13, 2014

  • Nova 2040 File format update for WAFERMAP
Version 3.52

Release date: Jul 03, 2014

  • Implementation of automatic scaling in 3D Bar Plot
  • Bruker AXS File format update for WAFERMAP
Version 3.51

Release date: Jun 14, 2014

  • HRP-250 File format implementation for WAFERMAP
  • Nova 2040 File format implementation for WAFERMAP
Version 3.50

Release date: May 07, 2014

  • Scientific format for Plot limits
  • Improvements in ploting and copying, more space for plot names
Version 3.49

Release date: Febr 02, 2014

  • GP-Solar File format implementation for PANELMAP
Version 3.48

Release date: Sept 05, 2013

  • New setup of implementation package
Version 3.47

Release date: Jul 29, 2013

  • Parametrized setup for one customer implemented
Version 3.46

Release date: Jul 26, 2013

  • Implementation of Copy To Clipboard function for Remarks
  • Bug fix for printing of Remarks
Version 3.45

Release date: Jul 2, 2013

  • Implementation of import filter for Bruker AXS in WAFERMAP
Version 3.44

Release date: Apr 5, 2013

  • Implementation of Bruker AXS import filter
Version 3.43

Release date: Febr 12, 2013

  • Update of ASCII import filter with "Ignore Line"
Version 3.42

Release date: Dec 17, 2012

  • Improvement in "Save As" function
Version 3.41

Release date: Oct 29, 2012

  • Update of Filmetrics import filter
Version 3.40

Release date: Sept 17, 2012

  • Update of KLA Tencor F5 import filter
  • Improvements in tool bar
Version 3.31

Release date: Aug 14, 2012

  • Update of "Copy To Clipboard" function
Version 3.30

Release date: Febr 27, 2012

  • Implementation of new WAFERMAP Trial Version
Version 3.20

Release date: Mar 29, 2011

  • Legend improved
Version 3.16

Release date: Dec 05, 2010

  • Implementation of new Import for AIT CMT 5000
  • New feature to choose size of the Bitmap for "Copy to Clipboard"
  • New feature to choose size of the Bitmap for "Save plot to Bitmap"
  • Corrections in scaling of plots and pasting of data
Version 3.11

Release date: May 15, 2010

  • Correction of Contour plot for very small values
  • Correction of "Save As"
Version 3.10

Release date: Jan 22, 2010

  • Implementation of import function for new Four Dimensions 280 file format
  • Implementation of "Save As" for unsaved changes
Version 3.9

Release date: Nov 16, 2009

  • Change of implementation of LCL and UCL in Histogram
Version 3.7

Release date: Jul 25, 2009

  • Implementation of import function for OMT files
Version 3.6

Release date: Jun 29, 2009

  • Update of ASCII Import with polar coordinates
Version 3.5.2

Release date: Jun 18, 2009

  • Update of installation package to solve problems in some Vista environments
  • Update of DDE Interface
Version 3.5

Release date: Jun 9, 2009

  • Update of 3D Bar plot for very small user-defined ranges
  • Update of Active-X Interface with new documentation
Version 3.4

Release date: Mar 8, 2009

  • Implementation of import function for OMS 3000 files
Version 3.3

Release date: Mar 4, 2009

  • Bug fixes in Plot window max and min
  • LCL and UCL for Bar plots
  • Update of Network Features
Version 3.1

Release date: Nov 8, 2008

  • Implementation of import function for Sentech files
  • Update of RS-100 Import function for multi-measurement files
  • Bug fixes in Edit (OK Button after deletion of last site)
  • Legend optimisation in case of values below zero
Version 3.0

Release date: Sept 24, 2008

Title Description Group Type
XML File Format Implementation of a new WAFERMAP File Format, allowing for multiple data columns, multiple wafers, and extended remarks Files/ Grids Improved feature
File loading Option to load multiple columns and wafers at once Files/ Grids New feature
Picture Export Export of different picture file formats as e.g. jpg and bmp Export New feature
HTML-Export Export of value lists and plots into html-compatible format Export New feature
Plot Rotation Free rotation of 3D plots with mouse Graphics New feature
Colors Color coding of the 2D Contour Plot (colors as for 2D Color Plot) Graphics New feature
Contour resolution 2D Contour Plot: Difference between the lines can be entered as absolute values (e.g. 2 Angstrom) Graphics Improved feature
Line markers Line Scan: Set Marker, where measurement sites are crossed by the scan Graphics New feature
Difference maps Operations for complete files (e.g. subtraction of "Stacked Map" from all others) SPC New feature
Plot Standards "Standard" will be split to allow for resetting of single plot options Options Improved feature
Version 2.14

Release date: Apr 9, 2008
Two new metrology tools are supported now

  • Rigaku
  • Philips AMS
Version 2.11

Release date: Apr 20, 2007
Active X interface:

  • New methods provided
Version 2.10

Release date: Aug 04, 2006
Import: Filmetrics file import has been upgraded. The following format Versions are supported now in addition:

  • Filmetrics File format Version 4
  • Filmetrics File format Version 5 including multi-measurement files
Version 2.9

Release date: June 19, 2006
Import: Two new metrology tools are supported now:

  • Semitek
  • Napson WS300
Version 2.8

Release date: Febr 17, 2006
Import: Two new metrology tools are supported now:

  • KLA -Tencor F5 Ellipsometer
  • Rudolph Metapulse
Version 2.7

Release date: Febr 21, 2005
Additional features added in the import functionality and the Active-X interface:

  • Measurement files of Optiprobe tools with multiple parameter sets and different wafers are supported by WAFERMAP now
  • adding of new key word "Points measured:" to the Rudolph file format
  • change in file naming for Plasmos imports to allow for Save as
  • improvement done for import of very large RS-100 files
  • added functionality to the Active-X interface: set and save functions implemented
  • improvement in registration functionality for Windows XP users
Version 2.3

Release date: Sept 10, 2003
Measurement files of two new metrology tools can be imported and WAFERMAP is released for Windows XP (Prof) now:

  • Release for Windows XP Professional
  • Import: Two new metrology tools are supported now:
    • QC Solutions SCP 7000 and
    • FILMetrics Version 3
  • 3D Plot: Scaling of the plot after setting plot limits was improved
  • Printing: Line Scan Legend was improved
Version 2.2

Release date: Aug 16, 2002
The following product improvements and minor bug fixes were done:

  • Import: Thermaprobe files with multiple measurements supported now
  • Communication/ Linking: More ActiveX methods are supported
  • Copy to Clipboard: Additional remarks are copied to the clipboard
  • Print: Same legend format in Views and printout
  • Print: Problem with undefined standard Windows printer and plot servers resolved
  • Edit: Problem with Copy/ Paste in empty files resolved
  • SPC: Fix of predefined points outside the actual test diameter
  • Contour Plot: Fix of problems with very small wafer samples
Version 2.1

Release date: Mar 19, 2002
Together with a number of smaller bug fixes there are some other, minor bug fixes and product improvements.
Among them are:

  • Print Header/Footer: Listbox appears now
  • General Plot Options: Color changes are now accepted
  • General Wafer Data: Flat/ Notch problem solved
  • 3D Bar plot: problem with colors fixed
  • Printouts: now 4 digits after decimal point on printouts
  • Network License: Update tool included
  • 3D Plot: problem at 300 mm wafers und resolution 1mm fixed
Version 2.0

Release date: Mar 16, 2001

Title Description Group Type
SPC-Import Enable imports in the SPC tool SPC New feature
Stacked Maps Mean of all Files in the Browser SPC New feature
Trend Chart Show histogram for SPC values (Max, Min, Mean, ... of all wafers) on the side SPC New feature
Browser Print Enable printing of the Browser Print New feature
Print Logo Enable inclusion of company logo of the customer in the printouts Print New feature
Table Print Print table of all values and coordinates Print New feature
Import Polar Radius Angle Value - ASCII files import Import New feature
3D Bar plot Implement new 3D bar plot Graphics New feature
Graphics of Actual Values Show numerical values on the wafer as 2D plot (color coded) Graphics New feature
Grid Transformation Transformation of grids (Cartesian, circular) keeping same measurement feature Files New feature
Folding of Data; Obsolete Points Do not delete "unused" measurement data (above 3 sigma, errors, etc.), use flag for distinction Files New feature
Merge Merge data of different files (e.g. two measurements of one wafer) Files New feature
Sigma Sorting Filter Points outside 1, 2, 3 sigma sorting criteria can be eliminated Files New feature
Interpolation Enable "Interpolate Value" in Edit Files New feature
Differential Map Allow for differentiation of maps (1st derivative, 2nd derivative) to show sources of non homogeneity Analysis New feature
Faster Algorithms Improved speed of the algorithms for graphics, especially for high numbers of points General Improved feature
Browser legend Show color scale in browser SPC Improved feature
Trend Chart Improve graphics SPC Improved feature
Import Multi wafer Prometrix Files Prometrix with recognition of multiple files and linesetting Import Improved feature
1D Plot Line Free positioning of the line on the wafer (2 points or point + angle) Graphics Improved feature
1D Plot Scal. Scaleability Graphics Improved feature
Histogram Resolution Implement new algorithm Graphics Improved feature
Color Scales Allow for user specified scales Graphics Improved feature
Histogram Scaleable Scaleability Graphics Improved feature
WAFERMAP-Format Allow for scientific format including larger range of values Files Improved feature
Version 1.8

Release date: Jan 17, 2001

  • Printing: sometimes occuring empty plot windows on printouts corrected
  • Files: problems with very tiny wafer diameters resolved (Edit; 2D Plot resolutions)
  • DDE: command line commands /SPC and /D implemented for starting SPC and debugging, respectively
Version 1.4

Release date: Jun 18, 2000

  • Prometrix UV file import: grid corrected
Version 1.3

Release date: Febr 02, 2000

  • KLA Tencor RS 100 file import: now more robust in case of invalid sites
  • Minor bug fixes in 1D Plot and Save As
Version 1.2

Release date: May 17, 1999

  • Legend added to Copy-to-Clipboard function

New Feature:

  • WAFERMAP control through DDE linking added
Version 1.1.1

Release date: Feb 13, 1999

  • Minor bug fixes
  • "n/a" entries in Prometrix UV files are now recognized and according sites are deleted.

New Feature:

  • ASCII import added. A simple ASCII text file containing a number of lines in the form: x y value can now be imported. Unit for coordinates is [mm].

23 -40 100.2
-35 41 101.6
60 -44 101.1
0 -30 99.8
32 12 99.65

Version 1.1.0

Release date: Nov 30, 1998

  • CDE ResMap import added
  • KLA Tencor RS100 import added
  • bug at printouts fixed (registered version shows now correct version remark in header and footer
  • problem with upper and lower limit in histogram fixed
  • improved Rudolph import
  • Excel export improved (formatting)
  • splash screen at program start can be deactivated
Version 1.0.5

Release date: Sep 30, 1998

  • Nicolet import improved
  • Philips Analytical (Plasmos) import improved (multiple data sets can be imported now)
  • 3D plot on printouts contains now legend
  • scaling of plots possible with upper and lower limit
  • limitation of wafer and test diameter decreased from 50mm downto 1mm
Version 1.0.3

Release date: Aug 26, 1998

  • OPUS file import improved
Version 1.0.2

Release date: Aug 20, 1998

  • cut and paste feature added in Editor,
  • user defined grids: number if grid points can be entered,
  • Operations: Error fixed when no parameter was entered,
Version 1.0.0

Release date: Aug 13, 1998